Christian Rab - Astronomer


MPE: Office X5 1.4.40

Gießenbachstraße 1

85748 Garching, Germany

My name is Christian Rab. I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Group of Prof. Barbara Ercolano at the USM/LMU in Munich and at the MPE in the CAS group of Prof. Paola Caselli (project RUTD).

My main interest is star and planet formation. To understand the (initial) conditions for planet-formation, I use observations (e.g. ALMA, JWST, optical) and model the circumstellar environment (disks, winds, envelopes) of young stars using (mostly) the radiation thermo-chemical modelling code ProDiMo. My current focus is on identifying and interpreting potential (molecular) observational tracers for disk winds.

Besides the scientific aspects, I am also very interested in scientific software development. I am involved in further developing the ProDiMo code, and I am the leading developer of the Python package prodimopy, that can be used to interpret and visualise ProDiMo models.